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TOPIC: Advice starting up x19

Advice starting up x19 1 week 2 days ago #39288

Hi everyone Dale again with another question, I'm trying to start x19 after 8 years in garage new battery, moved cam belt by turning wheel's, oil down pistons where plugs go, turned key I get this deep clunk not a click but a mechanical clunk loud wife can hear it in the house, so she tels me;), would that be starter motor, if so what can do about it, can it be freed or does it need replacing if that's the issue? and how would you replace it ?
Thanks guys

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Advice starting up x19 6 days 19 hours ago #39290

First try turning the engine over by hand, or rocking it in gear with the plugs out to make sure the pistons are not hitting the valves, go at least two revolutions of the cam wheel to make sure. The other possible cause of the clunk is the starter motor not engaging properly and just slamming against the ring gear on the flywheel. Rock the car forward in gear to move the flywheel a bit and try again. There is a possibility the the starter pinion gear is now jammed into the flywheel .The usual cure for this is to hit it with a hammer, but you don't have the access and so you will have to loosen or take out the mounting bolts enough to allow you to pull the starter motor back enough to free it.
If the motor is in doubt then remove it and test it with a couple of jump leads and a battery.

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Advice starting up x19 6 days 15 hours ago #39291

Thank you Speedy Fait;) I'll try that the weekend I was thinking starter so for someone else to mention it too has eased my mind I'll try it the weekend and I let you know how j get on;)
Dale ;)

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