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The committee has been working hard over the last year to reduce the cost of running the Club and producing the magazine.  As a result, the Club finds itself in a financially healthy situation and it is in a position to pass the benefit on to new and renewing members.  Therefore, from the date of the AGM (4th October), we are pleased to announce that the cost of full membership has been reduced from £30 to £25.

Remember, you can join the Club via our online shop which can be accessed here or via an application form, details of which can be found here.

So, if you were debating whether to join the Club, now is the perfect time to take the plunge and enjoy the benefits of being a full Club member.

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Words and Photographs by Sharon & Ray Taylor

We really do enjoy being members of Car Clubs; Sharon has the X1/9 Owners Club, of which she is the Regalia Officer. Ray has the GT-R Owners Club, of which he is an “Executive Member” – “something vaguely to do with the Committee”; and of course by no means last - we both belong to EYTCC.

So, it does mean that we need to attend our respective AGMs; that’s when it gets interesting because, apart from the EYTCC (which we miss this year due a GTROC Event) these are held “centrally” somewhere in the UK and involve organising a conveniently situated overnight stay.

This year the X1/9 OC AGM was at the Heritage Motor Museum, Gaydon near Coventry; a superb venue for anyone with an interest in Motor Vehicle Heritage; AND it coincided with the penultimate final “Fly By” by the last Vulcan “V” bomber: XH558. The place was completely “Sold Out” for this unique event.

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Ian Gould has kindly offered to take up the role of RO for the North West region and Damon Singh has picked up the corresponding role for London South East.  If you're from either of those regions or nearby, please support Ian and Damon in attending events or suggesting ideas.  Watch out on the website for details of events arranged by Ian and Damon as they formulate their plans for the summer.

Jon Plowe has also kindly taken up the role of East Midlands Regional organiser, if you are in the East Midlands area, please support Jon over the summer.

Contact details for Ian, Damon, Jon and all the other ROs can be found here.

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As you can see, our collection of X1/9s at this year's AGM at Gaydon caused quite a stir.  Or maybe the crowds were more interested in the last flight of the Vulcan bomber!  No matter, it was a really positive AGM, so thanks to everyone for attending.  Minutes will follow in due course and Ray and Sharon Taylor have provided a great write up which will appear on the website soon...

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The Club now has its own Facebook page.  Go here and Like it to keep up to date on all the latest Club news.

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