Club National Event 2022

The Silverstone Classis event will now double up as the club national event for 2022.

Details of the event can be found within the advert. There is a booking code to be used as shown on the advert.

On the Friday 26th, there will be a lap of the circuit at lunchtime for X1/9s at the show. So, if you're booked in you can do a lap of the circuit!

Juliet Quarmby, our illustrious secretary, will be the point of contact for coordinating the event. However, it would be good to have help over the weekend if possible.


We have had a further update from the venue, due to the importance of this event registrations are being left open as long as possible, please see the comment below:

"Although the display areas have now been mapped out, we do have a limited amount of capacity, so we are keeping the bookings open - subject to availability - to enable as many club members as possible to be part of the event this year."