3 Chairman’s Chatter — Andy Rowley 4 Looking back on the 2021 X1/9 OC National Event — Andy Rowley 8 Award winners at the X1/9 OC National Event 9 Hub Nut does X1/9s — Me 10 Three Fiats, a Big Cat and the NY500 — Sharon & Ray Taylor 12 Ensuring a future for this magazine 14 In memory of Bob Spencer, X1/9 OC founder 16 Lancaster Classic Motor Show, November 2021 — Andy Rowley 18 2020—21 X1/9 OC AGM 22 Some possible outings for 2022 (incl. Bertone 50th birthday bash in Torino) 24 Replacing the X1/9 oil pressure sender — Andy Rowley Regional Organisers

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