Submitted by Mark Perry 

Hi all,
Some of you might have seen some of my other X1/9's over the years, I have been an avid supporter of the little Fiat roller-skate for many years. I love the simplicity and performance of these cars and also the fact that it fits into my single garage with the multitude of tools and junk alongside it without too much fuss. I have been involved in the club for many years acting as support, organiser, editor and just front line participator.

Submitted by Jake Phillips 

This is my X1/9. I found her in a barn after going to the NEC show. She has stood for 15 years and beside the dust and cobwebs I could see the potential so snapped her up for £250, very chuffed about this because it was very obvious it was worth way more.

Submitted by Les Mott

I bought my first 1300 X1/9 in 1986 and joined the OC club at the time.

My initial 1300 was a Lime Green Special Series loved the car but it did deteriorate badly - I did loads of work on the car and kept it until 1993 before exchanging it for a XR2. I have always loved the lines of the X1/9 and again returned to ownership in 2005 buying a really clean 1980 Red 1500 this I drove for about 18 months then bought a rather sad looking Lido YAP68T- I always wanted a Nice Lido so I project managed its top drawer restoration.  This car won the Best Car awards at the Clubs nationals in 2008 and then again in 2009.

Car of the Month July 2012

  Submitted by Tom Williams

Just thought I'd submit a few photos of my X1/9 that I took last year in
the Elan Valley (highly recommended for a road trip), in the hope of
getting car of the month.