Car of the Month November/ December 2010

  Submitted by Steve Slight



This is my X1/9 which I have restored myself. It was originally gold, but I wanted something different so I mixed my own paint colour, a nice golden colour that has a hint of green in it.

Car of the Month September/ October 2010

  Submitted by Giuseppe Salvatore Cocchiara




Car of the Month August 2010

  Submitted by William Ancell



I'm a new Scottish member driving a Metallic Mid Blue 1981 1500, ULA 361W, with Brown carpet and cream pleather/cloth seats.

Her name is Ursula, given the registration plate.

Car of the Month July 2010

  Submitted by Past Winners



Here's a selection of past Car of the Month winners. Does anyone recognise any of these cars? Are they still on the road?