Car of the Month June 2010

  Submitted by Pete Thorpe



This is my black X1/9 with the following mods:

  • Debumpered
  • Rejetted carb
  • K+N filter
  • CSC sports exhaust
  • Homemade front grill
  • Reversing light converted into a foglight

Car of the Month May 2010

  Submitted by Peter D'Amore



Over the 17 years my X has been switched over to Dual Weber 45DCOEs with Chrome 6" Velocity Stacks, PBS SX1 cam with BVHead ported and polished, PBS lightened flywheel and header. I've just recently completed the resto with a new Ferrari Red clear coat paint job.

Car of the Month April 2010

  Submitted by Malcolm Jeffery



Hi, I am a new member and my X1/9 is a 1983 Bertone VS. I am in the middle of restoring it so that it can be used as an every day car. My son bought it when he was ninteen and drove it for many years. It suffered when left idle in a garage for six years when he went to university and then moved into his own place in another town. It has had new arches, sills and a respray in the original colours, except that I had the engine lid and roof done in the metallic charcoal too, I also had a nearside mirror fitted.

Car of the Month March 2010

  Submitted by Past Winners



In the absence of new submissions, here's a selection from the 1990s. Does anyone know what happened to any of these cars? Are they still on the road? I know one of them is as it's now mine!

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