Car of the Month April 2010

  Submitted by Malcolm Jeffery



Hi, I am a new member and my X1/9 is a 1983 Bertone VS. I am in the middle of restoring it so that it can be used as an every day car. My son bought it when he was ninteen and drove it for many years. It suffered when left idle in a garage for six years when he went to university and then moved into his own place in another town. It has had new arches, sills and a respray in the original colours, except that I had the engine lid and roof done in the metallic charcoal too, I also had a nearside mirror fitted.


The next jobs are: renew all the fuel pipes, renew all the brake pipes and handbrake cable, sort out the intermittent loss of power when accelerating problems that seem to plague a lot of other owners too, and replace the speedo cable. Apart from those I have still got quite a few jobs that I want to do, restore the seats, cure two minor oil leaks, convert the off side window back to electric (someone put a manual winder in), brown wire and headlight relay mods, and lastly buy a spare roof and have sun roof installed in it (I cannot afford a Saratoga).

I find it great fun to drive and often do twenty or thirty miles around the country lanes just to enjoy X1/9ing. One of my favourite amusements is to drive past a local car park where lots of chavs congregate with their pimped up Saxos, I have my targa roof off and Vivaldi blasting out from the stereo. It confuses the heck out of them, they just do not know what to make of it, they clearly like the look of car but the loud classical music coming from it and an old duffer at the wheel short circuits their tiny minds.