Car of the Month December 2009

  Submitted by Nettis Raffaele, Switzerland




Car of the Month November 2009

  Submitted by Tony Pullen




Car of the Month October 2009

  Submitted by Keith Waterhouse



This is my first X1/9; it’s a 1978 1300 Special Series (No. 3004) which I bought September 2008. Soon afterwards I had the brake pads and its camshaft and alternator belts replaced just to be on the safe side. I have also put on a new pair of door mirrors.

Car of the Month September 2009

  Submitted by Gordon Mitchell



My car is an ex-USA SCCA modded racer, shipped from Huntsville Alabama in 2003, that has since had the Lancia 2 litre conversion with a turbo and is being refined for racing in Perth, Western Australia.