Car of the Month August 2009

  Submitted by National Event Award Winners



Car of the Month July 2009

  Submitted by Mark Perry



This is my other X1/9, just recently finished and put back on the road. It's a 1.5 1988 Micra Blue Grand Finale, Sporting a refurbished set of Iron Cross wheels with 185 Toyo Proxes, Jamex lowering springs, Twin 40 DCNF Weber's with pipers, a full CSC racing exhaust system, Refurbished Uno Turbo callipers and 132 rear callipers.

Car of the Month June 2009

  Submitted by Mick and Christine Worrall



We bought our first X1/9 in 1979. It was a metallic orange 1300 'Series Special' and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately, we had to sell it to raise a deposit to buy our first house.

Ever since then, we've vowed to have another. We started looking again seriously after Christmas and our main criteria was a strong solid car, not necessarily a show winner.

Car of the Month May 2009

  Submitted by Tom Lennon



This 1500 VS is my first X1/9. I've just turned 20 and have had my eye on X1/9s ever since I passed my driving test! I randomly stumbled across this one in a dealership in the Wirral, near Chester, when browsing on ebay. I live in Liverpool so popped over to take a look. I managed to get £450 off the advertised price due to the car having some gearbox issues and other minor foibles, and for my guarantee that I'd take it off their hands there and then, as they'd had the car sat lonely in the back of their showroom for almost 6 months.