Car of the Month February 2009

  Submitted by Graeme Caie



EXX1E is my 4th x1/9. I answered an advert in the club magazine for an N.I. X1/9 1500GF. The car had a low mileage and was almost rust free. I flew to Belfast from Aberdeen to look at the car with the idea that I would drive it home if all was good. Unfortunately the V5 wasn't up to date and it was too much money to risk. Two weeks later I returned when all the paperwork was good and drove it home.

The car has the original lights which were terrible on the way home as the weather was grim. Otherwise the car drove great and with only 9750 miles on the clock it felt like new.

The next time I drove the car after only a few miles the temp gauge went up and up until it hit the red at 130. I stopped to let it cool but the same happened again. After this episode the temp dropped to below normal and wouldn't rise to normal. A new thermostat cured the problem and it's been perfect since. It's still January but I like to drive them all year round. The pictures show the car out and about Aberdeen.