Car of the Month March 2009

  Submitted by Mark Perry



I bought my x1/9 over ten years ago with the intention of having a project/hobby. The car was a mess when bought for the over priced amount of £300. It's a 1983 1.5 VS built by Bertone with red leather interior in silver and charcoal grey.


It didn't run and had already been started as a project and halted by the previous owner, the alarm bells should have been ringing and when I started to strip down the rot and mess was worse than I thought, but after replacing the floor panels arches one door most of the boot and many patch repairs to remove the rot the body was ready for paint, I originally was putting the car back to standard and as you will see by the photos it was close to going back on the road but the club magazine turned up and it had a photo of a green wide arched beast of a car on the back, I suddenly realised that this was my project and it should reflect how I want the car to look sound and drive , I know not all of you will like the look of the car and the purists amongst you may even see it as vandalism but it makes me happy and smile and above all its mine. I have tried to keep it period looking in the way I would have wanted a car to look when I was 18 in the 80s but didn't have the money to do.

The car at present has:

  • Compomotive 13" wheels 8" backs, 6" fronts with Toyo track day tyres
  • Jamex Progressive lowering springs
  • Uno turbo front brake callipers with drilled and vented disks
  • 132 rear callipers with grooved disks

Body work:

  • Wide arches are two sets of front bubbles from a Ford Escort Mexico
  • Boot spoiler is from a Peugeot 405 Mi16
  • 1300 front euro spoiler
  • 1300 bumpers
  • the colour is Porsche Silver

Engine has been totally rebuilt with new imported pistons and the crank was reground and balanced, Gearbox has been rebuilt and filled with miller oils.

  • CSC Performance exhaust
  • Kent fast road cam
  • Red top facet fuel pump and filter king
  • Twin DCNF Weber carbs with piper cross filters
  • Performance clutch

Stereo: went a little bit silly here and I know most will be saying what's the point but I wanted to be able to hear the music with the roof off and the engine going. I like my music and it seemed right to do it properly. I have Clarion head unit with multi CD, Kenwood component speakers KFC-X1710P 220w in the doors with cross overs amazing quality and Kenwood's KFC-PSR467 C 100w in the rear. These have a brilliant sound with a very large frequency range and are the all important 4x6 size. A pair of Alpine V-power amps run the system amazingly well and sound crystal clear no boom boom base tube here.

The engine has now been removed to fit a modified 1.6 Lancia Delta Turbo engine - watch this space.

Once you Mod you just can't stop!