Car of the Month June 2009

  Submitted by Mick and Christine Worrall



We bought our first X1/9 in 1979. It was a metallic orange 1300 'Series Special' and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately, we had to sell it to raise a deposit to buy our first house.

Ever since then, we've vowed to have another. We started looking again seriously after Christmas and our main criteria was a strong solid car, not necessarily a show winner.


I've never been a fan of the later bumpers so was determined that when we did find the right car, it would have to be 'Euro' converted to look like the original 1300 Series Special complete with ladder decals.

We eventually found a 1985 VS which had been fully restored about 2 years ago. The photos showed that the work had been done correctly and without cutting corners so, a deal was done and we collected the car from Dorset.

Once we had the car home, work began on the conversion and with the help of several club members, it wasn't long before I had everything I needed and the paintwork could begin.

Luckily, my son is a professional paint sprayer so I left it in his capable hands. In only 2 weeks, the transformation is now complete and, needless to say we're over the moon with the result.

Hope to attend a few club get togethers in the coming months. If you see us, please come over and say hello. We'll be happy to meet you.