Car of the Month September 2009

  Submitted by Gordon Mitchell



My car is an ex-USA SCCA modded racer, shipped from Huntsville Alabama in 2003, that has since had the Lancia 2 litre conversion with a turbo and is being refined for racing in Perth, Western Australia.


To solve the gear linkage problem I just used a Lancia Montecarlo linkage, cut down and offset to the left with the shaft from the gear stick passing out the side of the tunnel and continuing through the firewall where the fuel tank usually is. This was possible as my car has a racing fuel cell in the front.

As far as the body is concerned the only bit of external sheet metal that hasn't been replaced with fibreglass is the nose cone at the front and the tail light panel at the rear. Even the "Targa" bar has been replaced with fibreglass inner and outer skins.

Unashamedly the colour scheme is a straight copy of the late 1970s Lancia Montecarlo Group 5 "swirl" graphics they used prior to the Martini sponsorship coming on the scene.