Car of the Month December 2008

  Submitted by Steve Snape



I first bought an X1/9 1300cc back in 1979. I was young, impressionable but needed a car that looked cool and affordable (Although I remember paying a kings ransom for her). Unfortunately for me, from day one my little pride and joy gave me nothing but trouble, even driving her home from the garage the day I bought her, I remember breaking down within 200 yards of the garage forecourt! Eventually after 12 months of suffering continual garage visits, I decided she had to go. But undeterred by all the trouble I promised myself I would eventually own another X1/9.

Car of the Month November 2008

  Submitted by Les Mott



I was thrilled to have the highest votes at Paxton House for "Best 1300" and "Car You Would Like to Take Home". I genuinely was not expecting it as I felt there was many deserving cars.

Car of the Month October 2008

  Submitted by Tony Pullen



I have been wanting to sending in a picture for the last 10 years but have failed as I have never been completly satisfied with its condition, but here are a few pics now I have got her how I want her.

Car of the Month September 2008

  Submitted by Rob Warren



During Summer 2003 I decided to take my exxy 'BAD' (featured March 2007) off the road to be modified and feature a bumperless conversion. Unfortunately this process took longer than anticipated and six months later my absence from driving an X1/9 started to make life seem pretty grim - I had to have another one whilst BAD was off the road!