Car of the Month April 2008

  Submitted by Les Mott



Mine is more like restoration of the month. My Lido x1/9 has lots of history with the club having been owned by Neil 'the Deal' Proud, Regalia officer in the 1990s and prior to this she was owned by Geoff Oliver of the well known X1/9 Centre.

Car of the Month March 2008

  Submitted by Danny Ritchie



The C837 PPC red on charcoal. Bought in Nov 04 from Lesley Wood from Stokes Poges on ebay ….. The car had been restored in 1998. Anyone know the car? As far as I know the car is standard except for the sun roof. It had sat for a while before Leslie put it up on ebay, still MOTed and taxed.

Car of the Month February 2008

  Submitted by Jim Freestone



Car of the Month January 2008

  Submitted by Jason Manning



Here is one special little car. It’s not best condition or the fastest, but it’s possibly the most used and abused around at the moment.