Car of the Month January 2008

  Submitted by Jason Manning



Here is one special little car. It’s not best condition or the fastest, but it’s possibly the most used and abused around at the moment.


As a keen rally timing marshal the wee Fiat gets ragged through many special stages as we are always playing catch up to keep the events running on time. Each year it has a little job in South Wales doing the same for the WRC boys. Stages like Reola, Port Talbot and Halfway are quite different at 4am doing roughly half WRC speed, to what most see on the TV.

In 2007 we visited Le Mans once again. Only this year we melted the tyres on the way to the ferry! So two new Dunlops in Rouen and two more in Le Mans cured the problem. We also did a weeks trip John O Groats to Lands End via most of the 70’s RAC Rally forests in November without a hitch, I just put petrol in! I checked the oil and tyres when we got home – both were present.

This time of year we would normally be road rallying, but unfortunately we are short of a navigator this year. Mods to deal with this use are fairly small. Uno brake conversion, Aeroquip hoses, Koni’s, Electric Fuel Pump, Electronic ignition some Abarth Buckets and a very loud horn are about it. Shortly some more work will done on the exhaust and air filter before it goes back on the rollers.

Trips for 2008 are already planned as Le Mans, an Alpine challenge and Rally GB so it’ll not be getting a rest!