Car of the Month March 2008

  Submitted by Danny Ritchie



The C837 PPC red on charcoal. Bought in Nov 04 from Lesley Wood from Stokes Poges on ebay ….. The car had been restored in 1998. Anyone know the car? As far as I know the car is standard except for the sun roof. It had sat for a while before Leslie put it up on ebay, still MOTed and taxed.


I came over from France, pumped up the tyres and drove it back… (rose tinted glasses on brain sitting somewhere safely in a box. Not once questioning the condition. Or worrying about personal safety. Or the smell of petrol or exhaust fumes). Ferry back to France. And as we are pulling off the motorway heading towards the village at 11.00pm the lights start dimming and the battery light is on. Oops.. Made it back on side lights following another car just.

The next morning in cold light of day as the carbon monoxide fumes start to clear you start to look at the car and your brain says what on earth were you thinking. And then I gave it a good look and thought no problem, consumables! Fuel hoses, clean the earth strap, plugs points etal.. And a new battery.. Biggest I could fit in the box. Leather Seats out and sewn. Break arm and feed into drivers door to fix electric window, sorted. Pretty much the usual.

Then clocked up a couple of thousand trouble free miles. Honestly! And it turns heads where ever its parked. Its funny you see the local neds trying to look cool in their “hot” hatches. You park up the exxy and even though she is not in show room condition she draws a crowd, even the local garage crew, including owner, come to a stop every time I take her round as it is such a rare car.