Car of the Month April 2008

  Submitted by Les Mott



Mine is more like restoration of the month. My Lido x1/9 has lots of history with the club having been owned by Neil 'the Deal' Proud, Regalia officer in the 1990s and prior to this she was owned by Geoff Oliver of the well known X1/9 Centre.

In the club magazine of September 1994, Neil describes how 'FROSTY' won a fifty pound voucher at the 1994 July Uxbridge Autoshow for his skill in changing YAPs battery in 30secs so the pristine Lido could take part in the club's parade.

Today YAP is ready for her new paint having been the subject of a full engine and body restoration.

The pictures below show YAP in her prime in 1997 and under restoration in October 2007.

Roll on Summer 2008...