Car of the Month August 2008

  Submitted by Roberto Susca



Hi there after a big mistake!!! Since selling my Faran (previously a Car of the Month in November 2003, although I've changed my name since then) I've owned tons of cars and nothing came close to the feeling of owning the X1/9 - so I've bought another!


It's in need of minor repair, mainly the paint work, but I'm going to put in the spanner time to get the engine spot on and get it in our booth and give it nice new coat of paint.

The X1/9 is a very solid 1980 1500 on a v reg finished in, originaly silver and possibly going red in honor of my Faran.

I have on order a set of lowering springs plus a set of Recaros in our upholstery department. I'm also getting cream centre panels, also the dash will be going in at some point for a nice cream leather cover. I'm at present trying to trace some 1300 style bumpers and valance. I'm quite liking the look of the p1x front grille, and finally I would really like some ferrari 308 style alloys. I will send more pics when the car is complete.