Car of the Month November 2008

  Submitted by Les Mott



I was thrilled to have the highest votes at Paxton House for "Best 1300" and "Car You Would Like to Take Home". I genuinely was not expecting it as I felt there was many deserving cars.


This project has been a labour of love from when I bought her back in the summer of 2006. The National Event was the first real test for her and she performed excellently throughout, with only a couple of niggles over the weekend. The cooling fan stopped kicking in; it turned out that one of the wiring connectors to the Rad switch had come off. Also the top chrome trim on her passenger door decided to drop off.

I'm not convinced this is sorted but have also replaced the felt seal with a new one supplied by Henk Martins in the Netherlands. Henk is great for new parts. Yap is currently tucked up and not being used daily. I don't want to take her round Manchester's M60 on a daily basis as that would not be good for her. I have lots of restoration photos and have nearly finished a write up on her rise from the ashes for the Club Mag.

I'm looking forward to future club events although we certainly are on the wrong side of the year now.