Car of the Month December 2007

  Submitted by Mark Turner



Mark submitted his X1/9 for Car of the Month a few weeks ago. We recently contacted Mark to see if he had any additional photos or information, but sadly he informed us that the engine had blown up and he has therefore had to part with his car.

Car of the Month November 2007

  Submitted by Clive Butler



My car in its self is not particularly special, in fact it is pretty much in its original condition. My reason for requesting car of the month is that in October I celebrated 20 years of ownership of B528NLK.

Car of the Month October 2007

  Submitted by Bruce Robinson



'Albert' was the result of a spontaneous mid-life decision to have some fun-on-a-budget motoring and re-live some great memories of a gold 1980 X1/9 that I used to own. Two weeks after thinking about it I had bought the car through Ebay (as many are these days). I don't think the owner was a Club Member but the car had certainly been in Club ownership at some time in its life as there is one of the older Club stickers in the windscreen.

Car of the Month September 2007

  Submitted by Gordon Fogarty



F764 was ordered by a family friend in Nov. 1988 and delivered in Jan. 1989. The order form states that it is a SE (special edition) and it has the Oz route alloys and spoiler (now re-fixed facing the correct way) of the Gran Finale, but none of the GF badging. It also has one “Bertone” sill trim in bronze and one in black, but I suppose that’s Italian charm!