Car of the Month August 2007

  Submitted by Richard Morris



F764 was ordered by a family friend in Nov. 1988 and delivered in Jan. 1989. The order form states that it is a SE (special edition) and it has the Oz route alloys and spoiler (now re-fixed facing the correct way) of the Gran Finale, but none of the GF badging. It also has one “Bertone” sill trim in bronze and one in black, but I suppose that’s Italian charm!

Car of the Month July 2007

  Submitted by Simon Healey



From a young age I had wanted a small sports car but being a sensible person waited until I was 25. The year was 1998. I had just moved into my first home (house prices were a lot more affordable back then) which by no coincidence had a garage.

Car of the Month June 2007

  Submitted by Mark Windsor-Hampton



I found this little gem in Lincolnshire in April 05; one lady owner from new and two owners who hadn't used her much if at all. She's a darling and we have lots of fun together (that's the car, not the original owner...) I call her “Chips” because when I bought her, she was covered in ‘em... One pot of black paint later though and they’re all gone.

Car of the Month May 2007

  Submitted by Rose Cleaver



We fell in love with this awesome little beauty when we saw its picture on ebay. Foolishly we bought it blind because Stu decided we *must* have it. We paid £1800 for it, which would have been fair had it been working properly.