Car of the Month May 2007

  Submitted by Rose Cleaver



We fell in love with this awesome little beauty when we saw its picture on ebay. Foolishly we bought it blind because Stu decided we *must* have it. We paid £1800 for it, which would have been fair had it been working properly.


Sadly, it was only the bodywork that was in excellent nick. We have now spent a further £2000+ on restoring pretty much all the internal workings (bringing the total cost of the car to 3800+!). We replaced the cylinder head, reconditioned the water pump, hosed out the radiators and cooling system, fitted a new alternator and belt, fitted an auxillary fan to the radiator, added a new battery, replaced both front suspenion pods, put in an original airfilter, replaced all 4 wheels (we still have a lovely set of 4 compromotives as well, but two need straightening and compromotive will charge around 250 to fix this), bled the brakes, changed the oil and filter and probably loads of other stuff we can't remember.

Having finally restored this lovely little cars internal workings and being on the lookout for a bit of leather upholstery to go inside her, our other car got broken into. We were gutted to find the theives had rifled the entire car and taken out Stu's jacket which had been in the boot, along with the x1-9 Eliminator keys that were in the pocket!

We are now so fed up that this is probably the only time you'll get to see this little beaty as we've reluctantly decided to sell her due to financial difficulties.

So...if anyone out there would like to keep this baby in the X1-9 club and on the road, please get in touch with us as we have the car, plus the 4 bright yellow compromotive spare set of wheels to go with her. She has passed her MOT and has a current tax disc, but, thanks to the thieves, she will need a new ignition barrel fitted!