Car of the Month June 2007

  Submitted by Mark Windsor-Hampton



I found this little gem in Lincolnshire in April 05; one lady owner from new and two owners who hadn't used her much if at all. She's a darling and we have lots of fun together (that's the car, not the original owner...) I call her “Chips” because when I bought her, she was covered in ‘em... One pot of black paint later though and they’re all gone.


I’ve done a few small mods such as change the wheels, add a few extra switches and fit a new stereo but I intend to keep her as original as possible. She lives in the garage and we only go out when it’s dry so you could argue she’s only a summer car. Saying that, we’ve been out quite a few times in the middle of winter with the roof off; that ice cold air sure wakes you up and the feeling I expect cannot be far off sticking your head in a bucket of freezing water.

Fitting slightly wider (and new) tyres has really improved the road holding; that and a great engine-sound means she's just what the doctor ordered for miles of smiles.