Car of the Month July 2007

  Submitted by Simon Healey



From a young age I had wanted a small sports car but being a sensible person waited until I was 25. The year was 1998. I had just moved into my first home (house prices were a lot more affordable back then) which by no coincidence had a garage.

At the time I wanted a Triumph. Unfortunately with my budget TRs were just out of reach and good condition Spitfires seemed over priced for what they are. I decided what I liked about TRs was they are rarer than MGs and have Italian styling. My thoughts turned back to a car I had seen a lot as a school boy but had not seen as much of lately. A bit of research revealed it to be very nearly as fast in a straight line as a TR yet with handling as good as any modern car, and best of all, it was well within my budget. Within a month 'Hughie' was on my drive.

With lowered suspension and oversized wheels (14x6) with 185/55 tyres it was not long before I began to wonder what the car and I were capable of so in 2002 I did a season of Sprints and Hill Climbs. Although never anywhere near competitive (I was grouped in with 2 litre modern cars) I had fantastic fun and was always improving. I ended the season with a time of 60.68s on Prescott hill.