Car of the Month August 2007

  Submitted by Richard Morris



F764 was ordered by a family friend in Nov. 1988 and delivered in Jan. 1989. The order form states that it is a SE (special edition) and it has the Oz route alloys and spoiler (now re-fixed facing the correct way) of the Gran Finale, but none of the GF badging. It also has one “Bertone” sill trim in bronze and one in black, but I suppose that’s Italian charm!


Since then it has been garaged every night and serviced every year, regardless of mileage. The typical one retired lady owner car. The only problems encountered in 18years were an oversensitive Moss alarm and a reluctance to start – owing to a lack of regular use the battery was frequently flat.

In September last year it was decided that the car wasn’t getting used enough (200miles a year recently, bringing it to 29,000) and I was offered the car, and my Dad offered to garage (and drive) it. This coincided with my current everyday classic car, a Citroën CX needing more-than-considerable welding to keep it on the road, so I couldn’t really refuse!

Since Sept I have polished it a few times, fitted a battery charger/conditioner and driven it a bit. We bought a new spare tyre (as the original Pirelli was down to the canvas) and had the cambelt changed for good measure. It had a small problem last month when the clutch slave cylinder failed – but both of these jobs helpfully done by Nick Troth from P1X2000. It is just back (the day the photos were taken) from having a couple of bits of bodywork attended to – incl. small areas of the rear arches and flaking paint on the headlamp pods, and later in the week is to head back down to Nick for a thorough waxoyling.

I will be collecting it (as the car is garaged in North Wales, and I am not!) at the end of May for some regular use in the coming summer months, with my first trip being down to Goodwood for the Festival of Speed. I am still learning new things about the car, and hope to attend the national meeting in September to find out even more.