Car of the Month November 2007

  Submitted by Clive Butler



My car in its self is not particularly special, in fact it is pretty much in its original condition. My reason for requesting car of the month is that in October I celebrated 20 years of ownership of B528NLK.


My X19 was first registered in October 1984 and is a champagne over chestnut 1500 VS with tan leather interior. I bought it from a dealer in London on the 10th October 1987 and since then it has lived with me in Norfolk, Northumberland and more recently Devon.

For much of the late 80's/early 90's it was my only vehicle and was used daily, and during this period it covered most of its current 55K miles. Now it is a third car, garaged and limited to occasional summer use only.

Over the years I have experience many of the common X19 problems and often remember such times when I read articles in the club magazine. For its age B528NLK is in very good condition. The only modifications have been a new radio and the alloy gear knob. There were times in the mid 90's when I thought about getting rid of it due to storage problems, but I am very pleased I didn't.

I have been a member of the X19 Owners' Club on and off since the late 80's and continue to enjoy reading Icsunonove magazine. Lets hope I can keep it for another 20 years!