Car of the Month July 2012

  Submitted by Tom Williams

Just thought I'd submit a few photos of my X1/9 that I took last year in
the Elan Valley (highly recommended for a road trip), in the hope of
getting car of the month.

I received my X1/9 as a gift of my ex's Dad back in 2008. It had been
sat in a shed for years but he and his mechanics did an incredible job.
It's a 1989 1500 model, has been completely resprayed (still blue),
engine and electronics back to fully working order, and a new interior
(leather seats and door trims). And although I can't afford the
insurance, petrol or M.O.T costs as I'm a student, I still love it to bits.

All work was carried out by B.A.D (Bespoke Automobile Developments).