Submitted by Mark Perry 

Hi all,
Some of you might have seen some of my other X1/9's over the years, I have been an avid supporter of the little Fiat roller-skate for many years. I love the simplicity and performance of these cars and also the fact that it fits into my single garage with the multitude of tools and junk alongside it without too much fuss. I have been involved in the club for many years acting as support, organiser, editor and just front line participator.
So this X1/9 is probably my swan song of X1/9's. I have been planning this car for at least 10 years. I knew the colour and detail of the car in my mind for years.
It started with a MOT failure 1980 Silver 1500 with blown engine.
I have since 
  • Stripped the car down to it's shell fixed all the body work, replaced both doors.
  • Replaced and modified the wiring harness.
  • The car sit's on Cromodora Magnesium period CD31's with Arbarth centre caps, with continental 175 tyres.
  • KYB gas shocks with Jamex progressive springs.
  • Uno turbo front calipers and discs. Grooved and vented front discs, grooved back discs.
  • 1300 bumpers, grill and engine cover.
  • Custom Interior with 1300 recovered seats and as much brown and orange trim I could find (beyond good taste but I love it).
  • Over the top stereo (as you do).
  • Aprilla green bodywork.
  • Oh yeah and a 1600 turbo charged fuel injected lump borrowed from a Lancia Delta Turbo HF.
 It looks just how I planned it, drives amazing. Is fast in a safe quiet way and the characteristics are just right.
So what's next! (Fiat 124?)