Car of the Month October 2011

Submitted by Michael Erskine

This is my pride and joy, a 1979 early 1500cc which still has the wiper fluid under the wing. This is my second one - the first is a bit RUSTY.

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Car of the Month September 2011

Submitted by Dave Betts

My 1987 Bertone in fancy dress for the July 2011 Marple carnival. My daughter Lois is Stockport Carnival Princess and we attend a number of town & village carnivals in Cheshire helping to raise money for charity.

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Car of the Month August 2011

Submitted by Pete Robinson

Here are some images of my ’81 1500 5 speed. The paint is not original (done by previous owner) but upholstery and interior now done to match, although I need to re-colour the dash and make it black.

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Car of the Month June 2011

Submitted by Tiff Nowak

Bought from a classified ad on "Pistonheads", the car had been off the road since 2006, when it was vandalized and the quarter window broken. I trailered it home and it started right away with a bit of petrol down the intake. I rebuilt all the brakes and fitted a replacement window, gear stick and went through

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Car of the Month May 2011

Submitted by Pete Thorpe

My X1/9 has the Lancia volumex 2 litre twin cam supercharged engine (uprated to give 10psi of boost), ported head, Lancia Beta 2000ie cams and DCNF 40mm carbs mated to a Lancia Monte Carlo gearbox,

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