Car of the Month May 2011

Submitted by Pete Thorpe

My X1/9 has the Lancia volumex 2 litre twin cam supercharged engine (uprated to give 10psi of boost), ported head, Lancia Beta 2000ie cams and DCNF 40mm carbs mated to a Lancia Monte Carlo gearbox,

Car of the Month July 2011

Submitted by Tony Cucci

I bought the car purely by accident as I wasn't especially looking for one. I buy and sell items on ebay, and I had accumulated some cash. One evening I was searching ebay when by accident I came across an X1/9 for sale. I thought wow, I remember them (when I was 19 I saw a green one with the roof off pass my house and ever since then I had wanted one). That was over 24 years ago, but I never did get one. So when I saw one for sale my memories of the X1/9 came flooding back. that was it, I caught the bug