Car of the Month March 2012

  Submitted by Mark Slade

This month’s car belongs to Mark Slade and features many modifications.

Originally this car was a two-tone VS but was re-sprayed around 15 years ago in Ferrari red.  Externally, this car features 1300 bumpers, a Ferrari style front grill and 15” split-rim alloys.  The car is lowered and has a fully adjustable Leda coilovers.  Aiding the chassis are box section steel bars to strengthen the sills.

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Car of the Month February 2012

Submitted by Terry Gaskin

This is my fifth X1/9! Currently I have three X1/9's one being restored, one for spares and this one for using on the road. I spotted this one last year on Classic Cars for Sale. It had been used only in the summer months and dry stored over the winter period. I didn't view it I just took a chance and bought it which is not the advisable thing to do with cars. Fortunately it was a good choice.

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Car of the Month January 2012

Submitted by Neil Yardley

I thought it was about time I submitted a car to the club site - I've owned X1/9's on and off for the last 25 years - 9 in total although I've owned this one twice! A '78 X1/9 1300 Serie Speciale (not registered until '79).

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Car of the Month December 2011

Submitted by Brad Winter

I thought it might be a good idea to surprise my dad before he sells his X1/9 and try to get it on the Car of the Month section before it finds a new owner.

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Car of the Month November 2011

Submitted by Martijn Elings

My X1/9 is a 1977 Serie Speciale which was repainted last year in Audi Ibis White.

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