Hi there, my name is Geoff and this is my x1/9, that is most definatley a project. Here is a little background, i am 43 and have never owned an x1/9 before but whilst chatting to a work collegue about the cars we use to love as kids, i thought of the following. ANY Lamboughini ( well obviously) then there was the 'Lancia stratos' ( my favourite car of all time), also the Datsun 240z (oh that zagato magic) and finally in the mix was the 'Fiat X1/9'.

Now for the reality, wife mortgage and two (wonderful) kids, so that ruled out any Lambo, stratos or Datsun, but not Fiat. Though any budget would not stretch to a orignal mint version and as im a hands on guy i really wanted to bring one back to life.

So the search began and possible candidates came and went, but i found this one not too far from my home. now the previous owner had done alot of body work and painted it but had lost interest as he was not mechanical. So with a few hundred pounds burning a hole in my pocket and that impulsiveness that only fourty year olds have, lol here we are.im1

and so the journey begins. 

Well the ground rules are simple this car will never be original so it would be how i would like it to be, and god knows i always hated the large heavy bumpers.