Brooklands 2012


It was a good day at Brooklands despite the cold weather and occasional shower. Gates opened at 8:30am for the early risers and by 10am there were six X-1/9s parked in the club area (well done to Olly for grabbing a great pitch up on the banking!).



Cars came and went throughout the day, we saw nine different X-1/9s in the club area and two others in the car parks. Around the grounds were the usual suspects; a couple of fields of Ferarris, lots of Lambos and Lancias, some maseratis, all the Fiats and Alfas and a few specials from Zagato, de Tomaso, Iso and Abarth. A select few cars were driven round the the Mercedes Benz Test Track and some of the more adventurous had a chance to blast up Brookland's famous Test Hill.