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First Alfa teased us with the 8C but they only made five hundred and it was a bit on the expensive side.  Then they showed us the 4C concept which they intend to put into production in 2013.  It's mid-engined and rear-wheel drive, so possibly the nearest we'll see to the X1/9 experience, but Alfa only intend to make 2,500 a year and it's still a bit pricey.

But good news may be on the way.  Fiat are teaming up with Mazda to develop a new roadster platform.  It will underpin the next generation MX-5 and also a new Alfa roadster.  Both cars will have their own individual engines and designs, but will share a common platform.  Both the Mazda and Alfa variants will be built in Japan.

So, the first affordable, rear-wheel drive roadster from Fiat for many a year, but would you be prepared to drive an Alfa with Japanese DNA?