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Constitution and Rules of the X1/9 Owners Club

Revised in AGM October 2017

This replaces all previously issued copies of the Constitution

Title & Membership:

The Club shall be known as the 'X1/9 Owners Club'. The full and proper name to be used when entering into legal contracts and obligations on behalf of the Membership of the club. For the purposes of day-to-day use and in Constitution it shall hereafter be simply referred to as 'the Club'.

Any person shall be deemed a 'Member' of the Club who has paid in full the current annual subscription rate as determined by the Membership at AGM. Membership is open to all persons who have an interest in the X1/9 or the Club in general.

Payments for any Club requirements may be made by: Cash, Sterling Cheque, Postal Order or an approved Debit Card or Credit Card, which will be subject to a small surcharge at an advised rate.

Every Subscribing Member shall be entitled to a vote in General Meeting of the Club providing their subscription is current or by submission of a postal vote to the Club Secretary indicating their choice on any matter requiring General Resolution.

By being a Member each person is agreeing to be automatically bound by the rules of this Constitution. Every Member shall receive a copy on joining the Club and be advised of all revisions or replacements as they fall due.

Any partner of a subscribing Member shall be entitled to all privileges of Membership except when a vote is required: Then only the Subscribing Member is entitled to vote.

A Member will have formally given their positive written consent to the use of their personal data by completing the Membership Application Form or Renewal Form, upon which is set out the reasons, instances and circumstances of disclosure and storage of their personal data. The personal data supplied will only be disclosed in very limited circumstances:

·Reasons for holding Members' personal data - to send the magazine and general information as required, to facilitate the Membership renewal process and to further the aims and objectives of the Club;

·Instances of disclosure -to printers and producers of the magazine and other Club related general information, to Club Officers (the Committee) and Regional Organisers and to other members;

·Circumstances of disclosure -in order to produce delivery address labels, to ensure the efficient administration of the Club and promotion of events and in order to further the aims and objectives of the Club with regard to the exchange of information.

Registering objections: If a Member's circumstances or views change during their period of membership so that they have objections to the use of their personal data as defined above, they are required to notify the Membership Secretary in writing. The Membership Secretary will take such action as is necessary to acknowledge the objection.

Misuse or abuse of personal data: Any person found to have misused or abused personal data shall be reported to the appropriate authorities as provided for by the Data Protection Act 1998 or subsequent legislation or regulation. In such an instance, The Committee reserves the right to revoke the person's Membership immediately by way of written notification.

Any Member of the Committee who abuses their position for exploitation or gain from the Membership for personal purposes may be expelled from the Club by majority vote in AGM or in Committee. There is no right of appeal if the action is proven. The ban to remain in force for a minimum of 12 months and no other position on the Committee may be sought.

The Committee by a majority vote is entitled to revoke or refuse Membership to any person who brings the Club into disrepute or is in debt to the Club.

If Membership is revoked there will be no refund of Membership fees paid. The Members' area of the Club website is accessed by a password, disclosure of which to non-members is prohibited and may result in Membership being revoked or refused. The On-line Forum has its own Conditions of Use, abuse of which may result in the suspension of Forum posting abilities; alternatively, such abuse may be classed as bringing the Club into disrepute and result in expulsion from the Club. Any action taken will be decided upon by the Committee.

Persons whose Membership is lapsed or are expelled are no longer entitled to the privileges and participation in events organised by the Club for paid up Members' including any Insurance privileges or bonuses associated with being a Club Member.

The Committee may provide Honorary or Free Memberships to persons who are deemed by their actions to have so earned them. The ratification of this privilege must be confirmed by the Membership in AGM for continuance.


Objectives & Purpose

The Club objectives are:

To provide bona fide Members with practical support, information & assistance where possible in respect of Fiat/Bertone X1/9 cars or any such vehicle as determined by the Committee for the furtherance of Club activity and well-being.

To arrange and support any international, national or local meeting or event for any purpose relating to the furtherance and objectives of the Club nationally and world-wide.

To buy, sell or obtain any service or product relating to or concerning the furtherance or enhancement of the Club on behalf of the Membership in general. Items or services obtained to be passed to the Membership at cost or profit as determined by Committee.

To stimulate and encourage public and media interest and knowledge of the Club and in all models, marks and versions and conversions of the Fiat/Bertone X1/9.

To provide the Membership with regular communication by means of a newsletter or magazine or flyer when appropriate.

Club Year:

The Club calendar shall be from November 1st until October 31st each year.

AGM shall be held during the month of October as determined by the Committee.

The financial year shall end at least two months prior as determined by the Club Treasurer and according to advice from a professional independent auditing body so as to enable accounts to be presented to Membership in AGM.

Club Management:

The Club shall be run by a Committee formed from the General Membership in accordance with the rules of formation and ratified by the Membership in AGM. The Club Secretary shall circulate to all paid up Members a list of available positions and qualifications for application to these positions. In the event of there being more than one qualifying applicant for a position a postal vote shall ensue: The Club Secretary shall inform the parties and ask for a 'manifesto' from each applicant which will be circulated to all Members for their vote. The parties to represent themselves at AGM where the votes will be opened and counted. Any person who has not used a postal vote may vote at the AGM. Where there is a 'no-contest' situation the applicant must be ratified at AGM and will be deemed successful unless a conflict of interest situation arises, which must then be open to debate and vote by those present.

The positions below are exempt from the above rule:

Club Treasurer: In the event of the current incumbent giving notice three months prior to AGM then the Club Secretary shall advertise for applications for the post. These will be considered at the first Committee meeting after the AGM and after required qualifications have been vetted then the Treasurer will be appointed by the Committee.If no suitable person can be found then the Committee reserves the right to appoint a professional or independent firm/individual to oversee Club affairs.

Technical Advisors can be appointed at any time by Committee after written application to the Chairman of the Club.

Club Officers & Committee

Chairman, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Editor, Regalia, Internet, Publicity & Advertising:

The above positions are all OFFICERS of the Club. No Member may become an Officer unless they have been a fully paid up Member for at least twelve months prior to the date of application. In the event of any Officer position remaining vacant, the Committee is empowered to co-opt a non-qualifying bona fide Member into the role until the position can be ratified at the following AGM/EGM.  In the event of the Editor or Internet Officer post still remaining vacant, the Committee is empowered to appoint a suitably-qualified non-member or firm who would not be an Officer of the Club, such appointment to be agreed at the next Committee meeting.

Publicity & Advertising Officer can be one or two posts at the discretion of the Committee.

Officers are automatically expected to be in attendance at all Committee Meetings when called upon to do so.

Any paid up Member may stand for any Regional Organiser position when so advertised. Regional Organisers, Technical Advisors and any other person appointed by Committee to serve shall be deemed 'Committee Members' and entitled to attend and vote on the affairs of the Club at Committee Meetings. Regional Organisers and Technical Advisors do not have to compulsorily attend meetings of the Committee.

All Committee Members are to be in possession of the X1/9 Owners Club Committee Guide Book. The Committee Guide Book is available to all Members of the Club on the Club website and copies are available from the Club Secretary if required. Any person who applies for a position on the Committee must obtain a copy from either the website or the Club Secretary before their written application is submitted. New appointees must retain a copy after the AGM. The X1/9 Owners Club Committee Guide Book is separate from this Constitution but also forms a part of it. The Committee Guide Book is updated at the last Committee Meeting before each AGM.

General Meetings:

To be held before the end of October each year: 12 weeks notice of which is to be given. All current Committee Members are expected to attend as well as all prospective new candidates. All outgoing Committee Members must return to the Chairman any Club property they possess at AGM.

Any advertised post not applied for by the closing submitted date as directed by the Club Secretary may be applied for on the day at AGM by the candidate in person only. If any position still remains to be filled then the Chairman shall advertise the post for written application in the Club Magazine or by e-communication after the AGM. Only the advertised agenda will be discussed. This will be published in the Club Magazine/Newsletter or by e-communication immediately prior to the AGM.  Members wishing to raise points not covered must submit their written request to the Club Chairman at least fourteen days before the AGM date.

The final agenda will be produced on the day of AGM and distributed by the Chair to those present. Only if time permits and at the discretion of the Chair will any other points be allowed at the end of advertised business under AOB. The AGM will always discuss the Club Accounts, set the levy of membership for the next twelve months, receive reports from all Committee Members, ratify the next Committee, Vote on issues arising from the Agenda.

An Extraordinary General Meeting: Shall only be called in an emergency situation and with the approval of seventy percent of the Membership. 28 days minimum notice must be given.

Dissolution General Meeting: The Club may be dissolved at such a meeting by a majority of eighty percent of the votes cast at such a meeting at which only paid up members can attend. This meeting can only be called after all Membership has been balloted and seventy percent are in favour of the meeting taking place. If the Meeting does take place and the resolution passed then those in attendance on the day shall have the power to liquidate the affairs of the Club and dispose of its assets as the meeting decides. Proof of Membership will be required to attend.

This Constitution can only be changed or amended at AGM with a simple two-thirds majority in favour on the day. Submissions for change must be sent to the Club Secretary fourteen days prior to AGM. It is not a requirement that it be changed every year, only as the need arises.

Club Events & Activities:

It is required that any Member and Partner/Friend who participates in any activity promoted by the Club have adequate insurance cover of their own in addition to any held by the Club. This applies especially to overseas events and any event involving motor-sport activity. The Club will accept no liability for any event however so caused if the party or parties are underinsured. The Club will enter no discussion on any form of liability to any party involved.

Any Member who incurs approved expenditure on behalf of the Club must be in full possession of receipts and an order number from the Treasurer to be reimbursed in full. Any other form of expense on behalf of the Club will not receive any payment unless ratified by the Committee and receipts will apply.

Any Member may organise any activity to further the aims of the Club on a local basis provided the nominated Regional Organiser has prior knowledge. Failure to advise the RO will result in nil publicity for the event and any possible financial support.

No Member or ex-Member shall make use of the Club Name, Insignia, Logo, past or current, either on Club or private business purpose to include the Internet without the express permission of the Committee in writing.


This is the current constitution of the X1/9 Owners Club as ratified at AGM in October 2017 and replaces all previous issues.