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This booklet is intended as a guide to those members seeking or having a position on the Club Committee. It is not a 'hard & fast' set of rules and should be read and interpreted as such. The object of this booklet is to promote the smooth and efficient running of the Club.It describes the roles, rights and limits to authority for those persons who apply to run the Club. This booklet forms an appendix to the current Constitution of the Club and can be amended only by majority vote in Committee.

All current Committee members should be in possession of a copy and spare copies to be held by the Secretary for new appointments. Retiring Committee Members are expected to return their guide to the current Club Secretary when leaving Office.




2.1.1.To 'Head up' the Club and Committee throughout his/her term of Office.

2.1.2.To Chair all Committee Meetings when present

2.1.3.To Chair the AGM

2.1.4.To consult all Committee Members and formulate and publish the Agenda for the above meetings.

2.1.5.To communicate with all Committee Members at all times and ensure Committee decisions/actions are carried out.

2.1.6.To adjudicate in disputes and disagreements within the Club or Members when other options have been exhausted.

2.1.7.To communicate regularly with the Club Treasurer to ensure expenditure targets are met.

2.1.8.General Duties are to ensure the smooth running of the Club.



2.2.1.To organise the times, dates, and venues for all meetings of the Committee and to inform all Committee members and interested parties of those meetings

2.2.2.To attend all meetings of the Committee as an Officer of the Club and record the minutes of those meetings.

2.2.3.To apply to the Membership Secretary for a label list of the Committee and when received dispatch the Meeting Minutes to the other Committee Members within two weeks of the Meeting taking place.

2.2.4.To circulate those same minutes to any Ordinary Member who requests them.

2.2.5.To circulate any other information to any person within the Club or otherwise when directed to do so by the Club Chairman.

2.2.6.To be a signatory to the Club Account when required to counter sign cheques issued by the Club Treasurer.

2.2.7.To direct casual callers to the correct Officers/Organisers when required and to offer advice to Members and Prospective Members alike regarding Club affairs.

2.2.8.To notify the Membership via Club Publications of the AGM date and venue, which is currently held during October each year.

2.2.9.To advertise to the Membership via the above the positions available in due time Prior to the AGM

2.2.10.To organise and implement if required a postal vote as per the Constitution.

2.2.11.To attend the AGM and record those minutes for publication to the Membership usually in the Xmas edition of the Club Magazine.

2.2.12.To have at AGM the previous years minutes for ratification by those attending.

2.2.13.To chair Committee meetings in the absence of the Chairman



2.3.1.To ensure accurate and detailed accounting of all Club funds and finances on a regular basis.

2.3.2.To safely retain all records and ensure that these be passed on to his/her successor and to ensure that such records are accurate and up to date. This to include the completion of the Bank's signatory form, which enables an incoming Committee to have immediate access/control of the Clubs accounts.

2.3.3.To monitor the Clubs Bank account to ensure a smooth flow of Club funds.

2.3.4.To reconcile all the expenses of the Committee which should not be paid unless accompanied by either a purchase order or invoices/receipts.

2.3.5.To ensure that all suppliers are paid within their credit terms.

2.3.6.To ensure a professional independent accountant, approved by the Committee, produces the annual accounts at the end of each financial year. The accounts shall be made available to the membership at each AGM. (Where possible these should be produced in time for the Committee to peruse at a Committee Meeting before the AGM) Committee should set a limit in regard to the amount any Treasurer can write per cheque without a Counter‑signature from Chairman or Secretary.

2.3.7.The Treasurer is responsible for the payment of all or any taxes / levies or other payments due to the Revenue/VAT or any other authorised government body/ local authority.

2.3.8.The Treasurer is appointed by the Committee at the first meeting after the AGM. The Treasurer is required to give a retirement notice period of three months.

2.3.9.To chair Committee meetings in the absence of both the Chairman and Club Secretary

2.3.10.The Treasurer shall have the sole authority as to whether club property is insured or not



2.4.1.The position of Regalia Officer is very important to the Club, as the person in this role is responsible for a substantial amount of Club revenue. Club regalia/merchandise is sold at a small but important profit, offering members the opportunity to purchase items of clothing and other accessories bearing relevant X1/9 personalisation. The aim is to offer good quality merchandise at a reasonable price.

2.4.2.The activities of the Regalia Officer are numerous and will normally require a few hours dedication per week. How successful the club's regalia operation is depends almost entirely on the effort put in by the person responsible. The position requires the utmost honesty and integrity as it involves the handling of club finances.

2.4.3.The duties are as follows:-

2.4.4.To be responsible the sale of club regalia/merchandise.

2.4.5.To process regalia orders received from club members within reasonable time; said orders having been received by post, telephone, fax or e‑mail.

2.4.6.To pass on orders to the relevant supplier/manufacturer where the item ordered is not "kept in stock", i.e., clothing which is made to order.

2.4.7.To liase regularly with said suppliers with regard to price changes and alterations to items available.

2.4.8.To dispatch goods "kept in stock" within a reasonable time of receiving order.

2.4.9.To prepare and update a Club Regalia Price List and/or leaflet, for distribution to all new members and existing members on request.

2.4.10.To prepare suitable advertisements for inclusion in the Club magazine, featuring any new product on offer. For this, close liaison with the magazine editor is required.

2.4.11.To ensure that fast moving items (such as coffee mugs) are always available from stock.

2.4.12.To be responsible for all stock kept "at home". Such stock remains the property of the Club at all times and return of such may be requested by the Committee.

2.4.13.To maintain an order book detailing all regalia orders received, in detail.

2.4.14.The Regalia Officer will be provided with an expenses float of £50.00 by the Treasurer, this being to cover postage and any other reasonable expenses incurred. All receipts must be forwarded to the Treasurer. This float can be requested to be returned at any time by the Committee.

2.4.15.Banking of payments received. The Club accepts payment for regalia items by cash, cheque, postal order and some credit cards. The regalia officer is to have a paying in book and must nominate a local bank as a paying in point. Payments must be processed on a weekly basis. The regalia officer will have a supply of credit card "slips" and will receive regular statements from Nat West Streamline These must be forwarded to the Treasurer.

2.4.16.The regalia officer will be expected to source new products where appropriate for inclusion in the regalia range.

2.4.17.Attendance (by the holder of the office or a representative) at committee meetings is expected as an officer of the Club, where a report will be given to all present with regard to regalia sales and revenue on an ongoing basis. If the Regalia Officer or a representative is not able to attend a Committee meetinga report verbal or otherwise shall be submitted.



2.5.1.To maintain and where possible increase awareness of the Club and its benefits and activities.

2.5.2.To act as a contact point for persons, bodies or agencies outside the Club requesting information about the Club.

2.5.3.To be responsible for external advertising of the Club where considered to he relevant, appropriate and. within an agreed budget. There is no "fixed" annual budget for advertising, as the committee considers each recommendation by the Publicity Officer on its own merits.

2.5.4.To liase very closely with relevant publications within the motoring press. All editors and/or club‑editors must he furnished with contact details within the Club for both Publicity and Membership purposes. Dates of Club events must also be supplied to such magazines for inclusion in "diary" features.

2.5.5.Regular Press Releases must be circulated on correct Club stationery.

2.5.6.A fixed Press Release must he sent enclosing a copy of the most recent Club Magazine, highlighting any particularly noteworthy articles.

2.5.7.The Publicity Officer will he responsible for sourcing and supplying suitable cars/members for any X119 related features, as requested by magazine feature writers.

2.5.8.No comment on Club policy or opinion may he given by the Publicity Officer, unless first verified by the Club Committee. In similar fashion, no comment or information may be disclosed with regard to Club finances.

2.5.9.At no point may personal details of any Club member be given in the course of Club publicity, except with the express permission of said Club member.

2.5.10.Close liaison should be maintained with Club Area Organisers where possible, and help with publicity for organised events should he encouraged.

2.5.11.To provide reasonable assistance to the Regional Organiser to promote new membership


All ideas for Club publicity will he considered, from ordinary or committee members. Any equipment, publishing or otherwise, used and held by the Publicity Officer remains the property of the Club and must be returned on request of the committee. The person in this role may not authorise any form of expenditure without the permission of the Treasurer.



2.6.1.To produce monthly (unless otherwise sanctioned by the committee) a magazine for Club members. This magazine is to :-

a.Provide an open forum for discussion of Club matters.

b.Provide an open forum for discussion of problems associated with the use, operation and ownership of Fiat X1/9 cars.

c.To promote the Club and its activities.

d.To advertise and / or promote those services and / or products deemed necessary or appropriate by the committee.

2.6.2.To provide the link between the committee and the membership.

2.6.3.To provide sufficient space in the magazine for the sale and purchase of Fiat X1/9 cars and paraphernalia

2.6.4.To provide the magazine monthly within the agreed budget unless the treasurer has agreed the extra expenditure.

2.6.5.To produce the magazine as far as possible on the agreed date



2.7.1.To process all new membership applications and the subscription renewals of existing members, such that an up to date database is maintained for Club communications.

2.7.2.To provide Club membership information and application details to all who enquire via mail, telephone or fax, promoting the X1/9 Buyers Guide as necessary.

2.7.3.To inform non-members wishing to sell their X1/9 how to advertise through the Club magazine / newsletter classifieds.

2.7.4.To forward any event correspondence to the appropriate regional organiser. To forward any other correspondence or enquiry to the appropriate Club officer.

2.7.5.To process membership. This shall consist of :-

a.Processing new membership applications and send out welcome packs with the minimum of delay.

b.Generating and send membership renewal reminder letters as prompted by the database.

c.Processing membership renewals and issue new membership cards, together with any missed magazine / newsletters in the case of a backdated lapsed membership.

d.Lapsing the membership of anyone who has not renewed as required before a magazine / newsletter address label run as prompted by the database.

e.Generating and send membership renewal reminder letters to anyone who has lapsed, as prompted by the database.

f.Deleting a member from the database when no renewal is requested or when a renewal reminder has been sent to a lapsed member and the member has not renewed their subscription, as prompted by the database. In this area the Membership Secretary shall have sole discretion to send (or not send) a reminder to the member about to be lapsed.

2.7.6.To send the latest magazine/ newsletter to all members who either joined or were renewed after lapsing since the address labels were sent to the printers.

2.7.7.To file all new member application forms, renewal slips and other correspondence, and keep for a minimum of two years.

2.7.8.To provide on time a complete set of membership address labels to the printer of the next magazine / newsletter or other correspondence, separated for UK, European and world postal rates, and request an appropriate number of additional items to be supplied for sending out to the coming months new members and those who renewed after lapsing.

2.7.9.To provide the Club Secretary with address labels for the current committee members for meeting correspondence as and when requested.

2.7.10.To provide area address label print outs for regional organisers if requested, and subsequent updates detailing new and lapsed members.

2.7.11.To provide regional organisers and officers of the Club with business style cards using blank membership cards as required.

2.7.12.To maintain the Club equipment on loan to the membership secretary in good working order at all times.

2.7.13.To bank all payments received on a regular basis.

2.7.14.To follow up any payment that has been notified as invalid by the Treasurer and terminate membership if appropriate.

2.7.15.To backup the membership database file onto floppy disk on a regular basis, using a new disk each time. The backup disks should be kept secure and at a different location.

2.7.16.To ensure that the membership database is not used for non Club purposes and that details of a persons membership are not passed to a 3rd party without the members express written permission.

2.7.17.To keep the committee informed of current membership statistics as requested and report to the membership through the magazine.

2.7.18.To present the committee with a list of those members receiving free subscriptions as requested and verify that any listed Club contact address is valid.

2.7.19.To ensure that the stock items listed are held at all times and to organise the photocopying or printing as appropriate when running low.

2.7.20.To ensure that the consumable items are held at all times and to organise the supply or purchase as appropriate when running low.

2.7.21.To provide reasonable assistance to the Regional Organiser to promote new membership


Note: The Membership Secretary is provided with: -

A PC and software for the membership database. This shall consist of a system unit with keyboard and mouse, system installation disks and manuals, monitor, LaserJet printer, database software installation disks and manuals. Combined telephone / fax / answer machine, credit card swipe machine. This equipment to be insured and maintained at Club expense

In order to carry out these duties the membership secretary shall hold the following stock

§Blank membership cards.

§Welcome pack items:

§Regalia voucher,

§Windscreen sticker,

§Tax disc holder,

§Windscreen leaflets,

§Regalia listings,

§Club constitution,

§Technical Data Handbook,

§Latest magazine and newsletter.

§Welcome letters.

§Renewal letters.

§Club information sheets and application forms.

§X1/9 Buyers Guides.

The membership secretary shall hold the following consumables

§Postage stamps.

§Credit card payment & bank slips.

§Compliments slips.

§A4 paper for reminder letters.

§A4 printer labels for address runs and membership cards.

§A5 envelopes for welcome packs.

§A4 envelopes for X1/9 Buyers Guides.

§Windowed envelopes for reminder letters.

§Non‑windowed envelopes for enquiry & renewal letters.

§New floppy disks for database backup.

Miscellaneous Items Held

§Cheque paying in book.

§3 Stacking storage bins.

§Wallet files for new member application forms.

§Wallet files for renewals slips.

§Wallet files for other correspondence.

§Old databases backups on floppy disks.

§Master files / artwork for all stock items held where available.

The Membership Secretary shall have the authority, subject to the agreement of the Club Treasurer, to purchase any other equipment and/or supplies that are necessary for the efficient function of the post of Membership Secretary.



2.8.1.The Internet officer shall maintain the presence of the Club’s Internet website in order to promote interest in the X1/9 and membership of the Club not just in the UK but all over world. The prerequisites for the post are

a.Experience of website design and upkeep.

b.Connection to the internet using your service provider or workplace.

c.A computer system for the master copy of the site and developing pages.

2.8.2.The Officer shall have the following responsibilities:-

a.To keep the following core Club areas on the website up to date. These shall consist of

i.Membership information and application form.

ii.Regalia catalogue and application form.

iii.Listings for both national and regional events.

iv.Classified advertisements as submitted in the magazine / newsletter.

b.To monitor and administer as necessary the following user areas:

i.Feedback / forum area.

ii.X1/9 survey pages.

iii.Internet submitted classifieds.

c.To update the following areas as required:

i.X1/9 of the month.

ii.X1/9 reference information.

iii.Links to other X1/9 related websites.

2.8.3.To read and reply as necessary to e-mail sent to the site address, promoting Club membership where required.

2.8.4.To pass on any other e-mail enquiry to the appropriate Club officer.

2.8.5.To download any user updated areas in order to keep a local master copy of the website.

2.8.6.To backup the local master copy of the website, e-mails and log files onto floppy disk on a regular basis. The backup disks should be kept secure and at a different location.

2.8.7.To ensure that the current membership secretary details are valid on other websites and submit new details as necessary.

2.8.8.To ensure that links to the Club website are present on other X1/9 related sites.

2.8.9.To maintain the Club website on all major search engines.

2.8.10.To check out the activities of other X1/9 related websites and the use of Club material.

2.8.11.To monitor the website access count and log files to determine site usage and present to the committee as requested.

2.8.12.To ensure that payment for both the Club registered domain name and web space hosting is sent when due.

2.8.13.To improve the design and content of the website using any new ideas and methods as appropriate.

2.8.14.To maintain site security


Note: The Internet Officer is provided with:

No special equipment (but currently holds the scanner that is notionally the Editors), new floppy disks for backup and archives these disks safely.



Any fully paid up member of the Club may submit themselves for nomination to the role of regional organiser for a defined geographic region. If more than one candidate is proposed, the Committee will decide by whatever means appropriate, which shall be elected. The position in the role will be reconfirmed annually at the AGM.

2.9.1.It is the duty and responsibility of a regional organiser to actively promote the Club and work within the rules and regulations of the Club as laid down in its constitution.

2.9.2.The Regional organiser shall use his/her best endeavours to actively encourage new membership of the Club.

2.9.3.It is the duty of the regional organiser to represent the ordinary members’ views to the Club Committee.

2.9.4.It is the duty of the regional organiser to communicate the Club and Committee requirements, policy and view to the ordinary members affiliated to their region.

2.9.5.The regional organiser will, as far as they are able, undertake to organise, promote and attend events within their region that further the aims and objectives of the Club.


2.9.6.The regional organiser will, as far as they are able, liase with other regional organisers to undertake to organise, promote and attend inter‑regional events and encourage their regions members to attend such events, which further the aims and objectives of the Club.

2.9.7.The regional organiser will, as far as they are able, liase with other regional organisers and national committee members to undertake to organise, promote and attend national events and encourage their regions members to attend such events which further the aims and objectives of the Club.

2.9.8.The regional organiser will promote links with other organisations and Clubs which have similar aims and objectives within their region.

2.9.9.The regional organiser will inform the Magazine Editor and Internet Officer of events in a timely manner to ensure that they communicated to members. The regional organiser shall be responsible for all Club property given to him in order to help promote the Clubs activities. The regional organiser shall account to the Club for property so given.

2.9.10.The regional organiser will be provided with the members’ names & addresses affiliated to their regions such that mail‑shots and other promotional activities can be executed.

2.9.11.The regional organiser will provide a focus within their region for queries regarding the Club, its aims and objectives and its events. Further to answer any queries relating to the Club, its aims and objectives, and the purchase, use and maintenance of Fiat/Bertone X1/9s as they are competent to do. It is their duty to refer any queries which are outside their competence to other Club officials.


Note: The regional organiser will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in pursuit of the above duties. However, the regional organiser may not commit the Club to costs other than expenses without the prior approval of the committee.



Any fully paid up member of the club who has shown the necessary technical expertise may submit themselves for nomination to the role of Technical Advisor. The Committee will decide by whatever means appropriate, whether an applicant shall be elected. The position in the role will be reconfirmed annually at the AGM.

2.10.1.The Technical Advisor shall, to the best of their ability provide technical advice to Club members whether individually or through the Internet or Club magazine where he/she is qualified to do so.

2.10.2.It is the duty and responsibility of a Technical Advisor to actively promote the club and work within the rules and regulations of the club as laid down in its constitution.

2.10.3.The Technical Advisor shall use his/her best endeavours to encourage new membership of the Club.


Reasonable Expenses Are:

  • Travelling to and from committee meetings will be paid at a rate of 19 pence per mile.AGM’s (or EGM’s) are exempt, as all members are expected to go, as are all committee members!

  • Stationery and consumables if required for the efficient running of the post.NOTE: printed letterheads, With Compliment slips and envelopes are available from the Club Secretary.

  • Phone calls made from a land line to members will be paid if accompanied by an itemised bill, with Club calls marked, surfing or adding feed-back to the club website will not be paid unless it is required for the efficient running of the post.NOTE: The Internet officer will have calls paid in order to maintain the Club site in line with the job description.

  • Each area representative can send mail shots to their area members.However the club will pay for one mail shot only.Only address labels available from the Membership Secretary should be used to ensure only current members are contacted.NOTE: Some members have stated that they do not like this sort of contact and have made the point that area information should be in the magazine.So use these mail shots with care.

  • The club will pay a nominal amount for prizes (trophies etc.) for annual events such as Christmas meals.However, it is normal to bring this type of expense to the notice of the Committee, as other items may be available, such as regalia.NOTE: All regular area events including Christmas meals etc. should be self funding and the Club will not be held responsible for non returnable deposits or other such expenses, so book this sort of event with care.


Note: All other expenses or requests for expenditure should be brought to Committee or if time sensitive or other emergency, spending may be cleared by contacting the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer for agreement.

Any comments, questions or problems regarding expenses should be made to the Treasurer in the first instance.


For and on behalf of

The X1/9 Owners Club Committee