Do you have an X1/9 project you'd like to share with the world?  Or maybe you've got some technical tips you'd like to share.  Or perhaps you've got some stunning photos of your pride and joy that you want to show off.

Well now you can, with a new feature we've just added to the website which lets you create your own personal home page.  The feature is available to paid up members only, although your page is there for everyone to see.


The page can be accessed via the "our members" menu.  Under here you will find an option to view member profiles or to manage your own (if you are a Club member and have logged on to the website).  You will also find a menu that takes you to a help page.  Please read this before you create your page as it will give you some good tips.

We'll add more tips over time, but hopefully there is enough there to get you started.  Creating your page is a little like creating a forum posting in that you can add and format text, add images etc.  You can also create slideshows of images you have uploaded to the site or have hosted in Picasa of Flickr.  If you are technically minded, you can also edit the HTML of your page directly if you wish.

There is an option to split your page into multiple sub-pages, but there are one or two glitches with this, so we'll publish some notes on how to work around this in due course.

Anyway, we look forward to seeing your pages and please shout up if anything doesn't seem to be working properly or you get stuck.  Just contact Neil via the Internet Officer contact details.